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Our Home. Our Community.

These 11 newcomers share their thoughts, feelings and experiences about settling in Northumberland County.

Each newcomer had a unique beginning in a different country. Each also had diverse dreams for the future. Now, they’ve each found a home here with one common thread: They feel welcomed.

They stand for the meaning in the words, “Our Home. Our Community.” In such a safe and beautiful community, they’ve embraced new friendships and a wonderful quality of life.

View our newcomer experience profiles:


Jing Angela Hao on Volunteering

Photo of a Lady

Angela volunteers at the Art Gallery and looks at this as an opportunity to meet people and practice her English. She tells about receiving valuable support and language training from Fleming College. Angela moved to Port Hope with her husband who is an art consultant. They now have a daughter who goes to day care in Cobourg.

Cannise Tang on Education

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Cannise shares her story as a high school student from Macau. She tells why Port Hope is an ideal community for an international student like her. She received support from her classmates and teachers at Port Hope High School, learning how to speak English quickly.

Photo of a Lady on Community Support


Helen shares her story of relocating to Cobourg from Korea to be near her daughter who runs a convenience store in Campbellford. She stresses how a volunteer helped her with her English speaking skills and enabled her to meet other newcomers.

Luz Ofelia Maya on Friendships

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From Colombia, Luz Ofelia Maya is the settlement counselor and office manager of the New Canadians Centre in Cobourg. She still considers the cold Ontario winters a challenge, but tells us how she has found warmth in the friendships she has made over the past 12 years.

Madeleine Currelly on Opportunity

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Madelaine shares her experience of coming to Canada from Sweden with her family when she was very young. A long-time resident of Northumberland, she talks about the many opportunities that await for those wishing to make Northumberland their home.


Photo of a Lady on Support


From the United Kingdom, Melanie moved to Cobourg with her husband and two sons 2 years ago. Learn from her experience of starting her pottery business, “Firing Time,” as well as the support she received from the Northumberland Potters Association.


Photo of a Gentleman on Start Ups


Nick was born in the United Kingdom and spent several years in Germany before coming to Canada. He shares his experience of arranging meetings to help him frame his business plan. He outlines the important skills newcomers need to start a business.

Patricia Rebolledo Kloques on First Days Here

Photo of a Lady

Patricia is the Executive Director of Horizons of Friendship. Born in Chile she spent many years in Costa Rica before she came to Canada in 1991. She shares her integration and settlement experience and how welcoming Northumberland has been to newcomers.

Patricia Orantes on Networking

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Patty is a lawyer from El Salvador. She reveals that one key to being connected in Northumberland is to attend community events. In fact, she was able to secure a volunteer position with Legal Aid by attending a community event. Patty lives in Roseneath with her husband.

Photo of a Lady and two boys on Culture


Sossan and Ahmad are from Afghanistan. They recall the valuable support they received from the New Canadians Centre and Read Centre in Cobourg. They talk about the importance of teaching their two children about their culture and heritage.

Thelma Dillon on Giving Back

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Thelma came to Canada from the Philippines as an international student. She has interest and enthusiasm for giving back to others as a registered practical nurse and certified Zumba instructor. Thelma talks openly about the experience she and her husband had when moving to Northumberland to start a business.