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Newcomers on Canada Day.


Applying for Canadian citizenship

Normally, within five years since you became a permanent resident of Canada you may be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship. However, there are several requirements that you must first meet. For example, Citizenship and Immigration Canada requires that as a permanent resident you must have physically lived in Canada for a required number of days. This means that if you spent too many days outside Canada in the past four years, this may delay your eligibility to apply for Canadian citizenship. You must also meet specific requirements in the following areas:

  • Age
  • Permanent resident status
  • Residence in Canada
  • Language abilities
  • Criminal history
  • Knowledge of Canada

Check whether you are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship and/or prepare for your citizenship test.

Visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada if you are unsure whether you are Canadian or not, and may already be a citizen.

Learn why, if you're eligible, you should think about applying for Canadian citizenship now.

Applying for a Canadian passport

There are three ways by which you can apply for or renew your Canadian passport:

Adult simplified renewal application (Adults in Canada or in the USA)
Adult application (16 years of age or over)
Child application (under 16 years of age)

Learn more about how to apply for Canadian passports for you and your family and pay the application fee.

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