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Documents to Bring

When you are getting ready to come to Canada, it is very important to have original versions of important documents to bring with you. It is also important to have copies of these documents made and to keep the copies in a safe place. Before you leave your country, make sure the kinds of documents listed below can be ready in time.


Education documents are official records from your secondary school, college, or university. These types of documents might include the following:

  • degrees, diplomas, and certificates
  • program descriptions, transcripts
  • detailed course information can also be useful

Work Experience

Bring documents that explain your past work experience. These documents might include the following:

  • job descriptions
  • employment records
  • performance evaluations
  • letters from employers and work supervisors
  • descriptions of training that you have completed

Credential Assessment – Foreign Skilled Workers

If you are applying as the principal applicant under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) you must get an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) of your completed foreign educational credentials especially if these were obtained outside of Canada.

You must include the ECA with your application along with proof of your foreign credential.

To learn more about how you should have your education assessed by a CIC-designated organization, visit Immigration and Citizenship Canada.

Job Search Documents

A resume and covering letter are used by most people looking for a job in Canada. You should prepare these documents before you arrive here. For more details and to see examples of resume formats used in Canada, please read the three steps involved in applying for a job.

Other Useful Documents

Here are some other important documents you should think about bringing with you to Canada:

  • medical records for you and your family
  • school records for your children
  • marriage certificates
  • birth certificates
  • driver’s licence
  • legal documents such as wills or proof of real estate ownership in your country of origin

The Federal Government has produced some important information to help you get started on gathering and preparing all your documents.

Visit Welcome to Canada: What you should know to find more information on what important documents you should bring with you to Canada.

A Reminder About Translation Services

Most of your documents will have to be submitted in English or French. Before you translate your documents, find out which language is needed (English or French). You will have to pay for translation services. Also, some organizations may only accept documents translated by certain companies or their own agencies. Be sure to ask the organization you are applying to for a list of qualified translation companies.

Helping Immigrants Integrate and Succeed

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has developed a video called "Before You Arrive in Canada" to give newcomers useful practical advice and information that will help them as they prepare their move to Canada.