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Gavel on top of a thick book and the Canadian flag as background


Canadian Laws

Canada has a system of laws. These laws are created by a government. The government is chosen by the people.

Laws in Canada apply to all people who live here. Basic laws are in place to keep society in order, and to keep peace.

We call our system of laws the justice system. Everyone in Canada is equal under the justice system. You are innocent until proven guilty. If you are guilty of breaking the law, you will be fined or go to jail, depending on the crime.

Some important laws that apply in Northumberland County:

  • All children aged 6 to 16 must go to school or get a formal
  • You cannot make any kind of sexually harassing remarks or advances.
  • You cannot hit or harm anyone, including your spouse or children, either in the home or in public.
  • You cannot damage or destroy public or personal property.
  • You cannot buy or drink alcohol until you are 19.
  • You cannot buy tobacco products until you are 19. You cannot smoke tobacco products until you are 18.
  • You cannot buy or sell addictive drugs such as marijuana, heroin or cocaine.

For more information on the laws in Canada that may apply to you or your family, visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s page on Laws.