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Newcomer Radio Volunteer hosts

Rosa Ortega-Tyrrell

Rosa Ortega Tyrrell

  • Rosa Ortega Tyrrell, is a Hispanic-Canadian journalist and singer who resides in Colborne.  She has had extensive experience in diverse Media, television and Radio in South America. She was the media liaison for the Supreme Court, Lima Peru before she came to Canada in 2001.

    As a singer, Rosa has demonstrated great talent and charisma since childhood. She was a member of the regular cast of a musical show aired by a major Peruvian television channel.  Besides Spanish, her mother tongue, she also sings in English, Portuguese and Italian.

    Rosa is currently a Host Producer of the Radio program "Cada Domingo a las Once" (Every Sunday at Eleven) on Voces Latinas Radio in Toronto, CHHA1610 AM. She is also the Programming Director of Newcomer Radio in Northumberland.

    In her spare time, Rosa produces and edits an online magazine, searches for new talent for her radio show and runs a household.

Mohamed Widaatalla

  • Mohamed immigrated to Canada from Saudi Arabia with his family in 1997. As an immigrant Mohamed has developed a unique perspective resulting from a variety of challenges and change he encountered in adapting to life in Canada. Mohamed serves as the current Co-Prime Minister of The Cobourg East Student Council and has served as a member of The Minister's Student Advisory Council. As a member of this group, he has discussed various issues affecting youth, particularly in the matter of schooling and factors that hinder student achievement and success. As a co-founder of the Cobourg East International Partnership for Agriculture or CEIPA, Mohamed hopes to be able to connect youth on the basis of sustainable agriculture and future prosperity.

Two young men smiling.Milton and Mohamed

Milton Calderon-Donefer

  • Milton Calderon-Donefer was born in Guatemala and moved to Canada with his family when he was 8 years old. Growing up with two cultures helped him develop his perspective in life and to celebrate cultural differences, free of discrimination and prejudice. Milton is very interested in the environment and the role humans play in it. He is the president of the Environmental Club at CDCI East and also serves as co-communications representative at his school. Milton is also a youth representative for Willow Beach Field Naturalists, and Northumberland YMCA'S International Committee. As co-founder of CEIPA, Milton hopes to help sprout a sustainable, eco friendly lifestyle in communities around the world. He also wants to help fight hunger, approaching the issue in a self-sustaining manner.