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Refugee camps


Resource Committee on Refugee Sponsorships and Settlement 

The Resource Committee on Refugee Sponsorships and Resettlement in Northumberland County is a core group of government and community agencies  that provides support and coordination to refugee-sponsorship groups as well as support for resettlement when sponsored families arrive in our community. At present there are about 13 groups that are sponsoring about 18-20 refugee families.

The committee recognizes the need to coordinate all local efforts on refugee sponsorship and settlement to ensure that:

  1. There is communication and collaboration amongst sponsorship groups, government offices, local agencies and volunteers;
  2. There is a county-wide coordinated effort that supports all sponsorship groups in Northumberland;
  3. The residents of the county will be able to welcome these families with the understanding and appreciation that their arrival will enrich the diversity and social/cultural traditions in our community;

The committee anticipates the need for critical refugee settlement, especially in language training as well as other settlement issues including education and training, housing, health and  immigration.  The Resource Committee is composed of:

Refugee-sponsorship Groups in Northumberland County

  • Better Together Refugee Sponsorship Group - a partnership of eight (8) churches including: Calvary Baptist, Church on the Hill, Cobourg Alliance, Fellowship Baptist, Grace Christian Reformed, Grace Evangelical Missionary, Salvation Army - Cobourg Community Church, St. Andrew's Presbyterian.
    CONTACT: Gloria Peters Matthies or Hillary Veley, E-mail.
    Visit the group's Facebook page.and website to know more about how to donate and volunteer..
  • Brighton Refugee Immigrant Needs Group (BRING)
    CONTACT: Helmut Enns, E-mail and Hugh McDonald, E-mail.
    Visit the group's Facebook page.
  • Christine Roth, E-mail or call (416) 882-3944
  • Northumberland Syrian Lifeline
    CONTACT:Julie Aldis e-mail or Lynda Sellar, e-mail or call (905) 885-5613
    Visit the group's website, Facebook page or Linkedin.
  • Our Lady of Mercy Church Port Hope

    CONTACT:  Kevin Brady, E-mail, call (905) 269-9024;Shane Cassidy, E-mail, call (905) 376-5451; or Branden Fonovic, E-mail, call (289) 251-8912 
    Visit the parish's website.

  • River of Hope - A partnership of the three Anglican churches in Port Hope: St. Mark's, St. John's and St. Paul's Perrytown.
    CONTACT: Nola McDonald, e-mail.
  • St, Mary's Catholic Church Grafton
    CONTACT:Greg Blick, E-mail, or call (905) 349 3140
  • St. Michael's Catholic Church Cobourg
    CONTACT: Sr. Linda Gregg, E-mail or call (905) 372-2741
  • St. Vincent de Paul, Brighton
  • The Syrian Sponsorship Group
    CONTACT: Joan Chalovich, E-mail; David Lander, E-mail
  • Trent Hills Refugee Settlement Initiative
    CONTACT: David Pollack, E-mail
  • Trinity Church Sponsorship Comittee Cobourg
    CONTACT: Rae Waring, E-mail, call  (905) 372-9350; Susan Ford White, call ((905) 377-1595

Learn Arabic

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Volunteer. Donate.

If you wish to volunteer with any of the groups listed above or donate to their fundraising efforts, please call or send an e-mail to the listed contact person/s. If you wish to volunteer to coordination and resettlement supports, please send us an email

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